Virtual Organ Music

Beautiful Music for a Crazy World

If you want to read all about MIDI organs and software

I have numerous virtual organs for use with Hauptwerk available for you to play

Also a large 5 manual virtual organ program available for use with MyOrgan ( free virtual organ software )

Email me for information / questions / comments

Still for sale : Used MIDI keyboards- Benches - Swell Shoes- MIDI items such as modules etc.

Located in friendly Mount Forest ON

Currently using ( installing ) MIDI modules  from

Veenema Electronics ( Rotterdam - The Netherlands )

MIDI modules available for

Keyboards- Pedalboards- Swellshoes- Preset pistons etc. 

Up to 16 items such as keyboards- swellshoes- pedalboard onto 1 master control module ( MCU )

Very competitive pricing.

Numerous large and small speakers available for use with Hauptwerk or others .


Here are some examples of what I am doing or have been doing 


Also basic keyboards ( new) available

Numerous used keyboards available

Numerous stop tab rails etc.

Used Toe studs available