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Virtual Pipe Organ Music 

Beautiful music for a crazy world ...


Like the sound of a pipe organ but not the costs  that go with it ?

Then it is time to consider a Virtual Pipe Organ Ogran !

Thanks to programs such as Hauptwerk and JOrgan ;
you can now play several pipe organs in your very own livingroom !
How does it work ?
By using keyboards and pedalboard that have
 build in MIDI capabilities and the use of programs such as Hauptwerk
you can play previously recorded organ pipes !

Therefore we call it a

( It sounds as if you are playing a pipe organ but you don't see it )
You can choose from several hundreds of organs
 all previously recorded
Some are free- there is a large number to choose from .
A new beautiful 5 manual virtual organ program that is totally free comes from Eric Dalest.
I have tried it myself and it is really good . you can find it at www.organmonespace.net
Jean-Paul Verpeaux is also the creator of Basilica .
A very easy to use software program that lets you create
your own up to 5 manual organ and up to 99 stops on that )
The best part is the price : only 20 Euro !
Another source for several 1-2-3 manual free virtual organ programs for Hauptwerk is 
Check  hauptwerk.  to see and compare prices of various organs
More information

You can come and play my own Virtual Organ Organ at home
A very good website to read more about this PCOrgan
PCOrgan maintains a data base of almost every virtual organ program available
Here are some pictures of what a virtual organ console looks like

When you load any of thes organs to play- all the stops/presets etc are operating
as if it were to be a real console
To make it easier to select the stops to play with your organ :
 most people use 1 or 2 touchscreens ( 1 on either side)
There is a large variety of 1-2-3-4-5 manual virtual organ programs available !
You can either buy a organ and have it changed into a MIDI organ
or you can have a custom console made the way you want it !
You can also buy new keyboards and pedal boards special made for MIDI use
 Items For Sale and Other
2 manual keyboard systems with MIDI  ( new keyboards used pedal board ) $ 
3 manual keyboard systems with MIDI ( new keyboards used pedal board )  $ 
4 manual keyboard systems with MIDI ( new keyboards used pedal board )  $ 
Large 3 manual organ with full AGO pedal board- numerous toe studs- presets -swell shoes etc.
All MIDI  comes with matching bench  $ 3500
Full size 32 note Pedal board- very heavy duty construction with MIDI module $ 750
7 large speaker cabinets originally used for the 3 manual organ mentioned above
each speaker is about 80 Watts- Full range of high and low speakers
Speakers were made by Bose . Will easily carry a small church ( up to 300 or so )
All speakers $ 1500
Custom made wooden drawknob stop boards
 any size any number stops $ 4 / stop + board
Organ keyboard cheeks wooden custom made any size
 Several tab stop rails  examples are :

Original Allen Stoptab rail with about 30 stops $ 150

Stoptab rail with about 60stops $ 200

2 MIDI keyboards 1 with batteries only 1 with batteries and 110 AC

$ 75 each

32 note small size pdal board NO contact system

$ 250

 2 midi keyboards with midi cables wired onto it. Ready to be connected

to midi modules $ 500 for both


Very old church  organ keyboard 54 keys  of all wood

Rewire as MIDI keyboard or use for decoration


Complete empty console with stop tab railand 2 or 3 midi keyboards

No Pedal board above mentioned pedal board could made to work)

3 keyboard stack with 3 new keyboards and with MIDI modules $ 750


And finally my own 5 manual MIDI Hauptwerk organ :

Specifications :

5 MIDI keyboards and 32 note pedalboard

5 swellshoes 126 MIDI drawknob stops 20 general presets 13 toestuds

All MIDI modules and presets supplied by



The stop names can be changed over very fast for a different organ.

The stop names are attached to a small wooden plate that is attached by means of small magnets to the main board- so changing the names is just a matter of putting a different series of wooden plates with the proper stop names in place - providing you have pre-programmed the stop names already with Hauptwerk of course  !



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