Welcome to the renewed website !
Great news !!!
Organ Player Leo Ravensbergen from The Netherlands is coming to Canada for a series of concerts
Please visit Leo his website for dates and times of the concerts !
You can see him also on youtube if you search for leo Ravensbergen
Since this site has been looking the same for a long time - I decided to change the looks a bit !
Like the sound of a pipeorgan - but not the $$$$ that go with it ???
Then it is time to consider a
Thanks to programs such as Hauptwerk and JOrgan ;
you can now play several pipe organs in your very own livingroom !
Well : It is not quite that simple !


SO : Let's get started......

1. You need a reasonabe fast computer- at least 8 GB DDR3 memory more is even better !
2. You need a program such as Hauptwerk or JOrgan to run the software
3. You need keyboards and pedalboard suitable for playing MIDI
4. You need to purchase or download a free sample set from a pipe organ
5. That is where I come in the picture !


Hauptwerk let's you play any keyboard pedalboard or complete organ as long as it has MIDI out on it !
Hauptwerk has a free version that you can download from the website- and install it on your computer !
You need a MIDI to USB cable or interface that will allow you to connect all of that to your computer


I have several  keyboards and or pedal boards available that have already MIDI installed on them
I also can change your present organ into a MIDI organ
I also have swellshoes and several different types of MIDI modules available


I have at my location a 5 manual ( keyboard) organ available for
you with several samplesets of 1-2-3-4 manual virtual organs to try out
the MIDI organ play for yourself  and see what it is all about !
Another very good website for comparison of the different sample sets is


If you need anymore information please email me

I can also email you pictures and shortly there will be pictures on this page as well !!