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Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2015 !
Like the sound of a pipeorgan - but not the $$$$$  that go with it ???
Then it is time to consider a
Thanks to programs such as Hauptwerk and JOrgan ;
you can now play several pipe organs in your very own livingroom !
Well : It is not quite that simple !

SO : Let's get started......

You need a reasonable fast computer- at least 8 GB DDR3 memory more is even better !
 You need a program such as Hauptwerk or JOrgan to run the software
You need keyboards and pedalboard suitable for playing MIDI  That is where I come in the picture !
You need to purchase or download a free sample set from a pipe organ
Hauptwerk let's you play any keyboard pedalboard or complete organ as long as it has MIDI out on it
Hauptwerk has a free version that you can download from the website- and install it on your computer
You need a MIDI to USB cable or interface that will allow you to connect all of that to your computer
I have several  keyboards and or pedal boards available that have already MIDI installed on them
I also can change your present organ into a MIDI organ
I also have swellshoes and several different types of MIDI modules available
You are free of course to buy your keyboards and pedalboards anywhere else you want
I am located near Grand Valley -Ontario-  Canada
I have at my location a 5 manual ( keyboard) organ available for
you with several samplesets of 1-2-3-4 manual virtual organs to try out
the MIDI organ play for yourself  and see what it is all about !
www.pcorgan.com- Another very good website for comparison of the different sample sets
www.americanreformedfellowship.com If you visit the Florida pan handle  please remember your Creator on Sundays !
Johannus OPUS 345 for sale- organ located in Acton Ontario Canada
Johannus Opus 345 3 manual quite suitable for church etc.
3 manual-drawknob console
Needs some electronic work done  Can change into MIDI organ if desired by purchaser ( $ 1000 option )
Organ as is $ 3900
Example of a MIDI organ
This is a organ that I build about 4 years ago from 2 identical Rodgers organs
Currently  for sale for $ 6000 by current owner ( NOT ME )due to downsizing
Comes with dedicated computer and Hauptwerk
Organ located near Kingston ON Canada

Items for sale  


  • New 2 keyboard ( 2 x 61 ) stacks with or without MIDI  

  • New 3 keyboard ( 3 x 61 ) stacks with or without MIDI 

  • New 4 keyboard  (4 x 61) stacks with or without MIDI    



Lots and lots of stop tabs- also drawknob stop taps
and 2 complete drawknob stop boards from pipe organ - $ 150 each 2 available
Precision cut drawknob stop boards from oak 32 stops 2 available $ 100 each
2 original Allen organ keyboards ( 2 x 61 )with MIDI  $ 750
Several wooden keyed organ keyboards   ( 61 notes )
Drawknob stop boards available
Used stop tabs for Allen Rodgers Baldwin  Conn Hammond organs
Used benches for organ
Used speakers also some rotating speakers for a Leslie like effect
Pedal boards with or without MIDI  13-25-32 notes  $ 75 and up
Empty consoles church organ style $ 500
Lots and lots of stop tab rails with as much as 61 stops  with or without MIDI $ 150 and up
with as many as  60 stop tabs ( mostly Allen- Rodgers  etc. )
Lots and lots of used organ pipes
$ 1 each minimum 25 pipes OR TAKE ALL for $ 500 metal and wood
Some almost complete ranks- pipes will need cleanup
Also for sale
6 piece Ryobi cordless tool set 18 Volt Lithium used
Impact driver  Drill  Sander Jigsaw Skilsaw Flashlight Sander 2 batteries and charger
$ 150/set   New price $ 399/set

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