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Like the sound of a pipeorgan - but not the $$$$$  that go with it ???

 For concerts- please see bottom of this page

Then it is time to consider a


Thanks to programs such as Hauptwerk and JOrgan ;

you can now play several pipe organs in your very own livingroom !

Well : It is not quite that simple !


SO : Let's get started......

You need a reasonable fast computer- at least 8 GB DDR3 memory more is even better !

 You need a program such as Hauptwerk or JOrgan to run the software

You need keyboards and pedalboard suitable for playing MIDI  

You need to purchase or download a free sample set from a pipe organ

Hauptwerk let's you play any keyboard pedalboard or complete organ as long as it has MIDI out on it

Hauptwerk has a free version that you can download from the website- and install it on your computer

You need a MIDI to USB cable or interface that will allow you to connect all of that to your computer

I have several  keyboards and or pedal boards available that have already MIDI installed on them

I also can change your present organ into a MIDI organ

I also have swellshoes and several different types of MIDI modules available

You are free of course to buy your keyboards and pedalboards anywhere else you want

If you are not sure if MIDI is for you or not :

Start with a 1 ( new) 61 note keyboard- ready to play out of the box complete with software and cables  $ 200

This keyboard is fully expandable to a 2-3-4 keyboard setup and MIDI pedal board can be added later on as well

 If you want to know what a midi organ is all about

please make an appointment to visit

Large Organ  Beautiful console  quite suitable for church etc  or large home
3 manual-drawknob console  including large speaker system
Speaker system set up for 8 channel sound
This organ is all midi- all stops all presets toestuds swellshoes etc  etc.
Asking  7500
Due to the fact that I need this organ to be moved we have decided to
reduce the price to $ 5000    or  $ 4500
This does NOT include a computer or touchscreens or Hauptwerk
That includes the organ and the speaker> every single function on the organ is MIDI
including all stops (64)- presets( 40 +)- toestuds(15)- swellshoes (4 )
This organ has about $ 1000 worth of midi modules build into it
Call me at 519-943-6077
Examples of items for sale and items sold in the past :
5 manual build for experimental purposes   4 keyboards new 1 keyboard with presets ready to finish
Console being build 2 keyboards with MIDI for sale $ 500
drawknob stops several sets and each available    Stoptab rail with about 30 stops or so $ 250
  Drawknob stop board for square pull outs $ 100 precision made Stoptab rail with about 60 stop tab switches $ 300
Swellshoe only no wiring  original Allen- Rodgers and others $ 75    4 available
Mechanical Crescendo 25 stops  $ 250
1 keyboard with MIDI and cables and software  ready to play with your computer $ 200
Music rack with 11 stop tabs and light - plexi glass  $ 250
Very old stop tab rack with music rack $ 300

Items for sale  


New 2 keyboard ( 2 x 61 ) stacks with or without MIDI  
New 3 keyboard ( 3 x 61 ) stacks with or without MIDI 
New 4 keyboard  (4 x 61) stacks with or without MIDI    


     Mechanical Crescendo complete for about 25 stops  $ 150
Lots and lots of stop tabs- also drawknob stop taps
and 2 complete drawknob stop boards from pipe organ - $ 150 each 2 available
2 used stoptab rails- both Allen organs 1 with over 50 stoptabs  $ 250 each 
Precision cut drawknob stop boards from oak 32 stops 2 available $ 100 for both
2 original Allen organ keyboards ( 2 x 61 )with MIDI  $ 750
Several wooden keyed organ keyboards   ( 61 notes ) $ 250 and up 6 left
Used stop tabs for Allen Rodgers Baldwin  Conn Hammond organs
Used benches for organ  $ 350  1 left
Used speakers also some rotating speakers for a Leslie like effect  $ 50 each  2 left
Pedal boards with or without MIDI  13-25-32 notes  $ 75 and up  32 note for $ 750  1 left
Empty consoles church organ style $ 500 1 left
Lots and lots of used organ pipes
$ 1 each minimum 25 pipes OR TAKE ALL for $ 500 metal and wood
Some almost complete ranks- pipes will need cleanup
Also for sale
6 piece Ryobi cordless tool set 18 Volt Lithium used
Impact driver  Drill  Sander Jigsaw Skilsaw Flashlight Sander 2 batteries and charger
$ 150/set   New price $ 399/set
Jeep Hardcover Top  1990's   $ 350
Used Forced Air Oil furnace  $ 350



You can also see my ads on www.kijiji.ca  and search for "midi organ"

Very good website to learn all about MIDI organs is www.pcorgan.com
If you visit  Florida and you are looking for church on Sunday please visit www.americanreformedfellowship.com
If you are in the farming business please visit www.schippers.ca for all your supplies
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