Love the sound and sight of a Pipe Organ- but not the $$$$$$ that go with that idea ?

Then it is time  for a Virtual Pipe Organ  !

We can change your present organ into a Virtual Pipe Organ

Don't know anything about a Virtual Pipe Organ ?

Go to the website  www.pcorgan.com and to www.hauptwerk.com and read as much as you cna over there !

When you play organ using a virtual organ program basically your computer connects the input from your organ to the virtual organ program by means of MIDI

Midi is a computerized musical interface that changes your input into organ music and using all the other functions of the organ such as stops and swellshoes

There is a wide variety of virtual organ programs available. Some are for free - others have to be paid for . You can choose from1-2-3-4-5 manual organs

Hauptwerk has a free basic trial version that you can use to see whether Hauptwerk is for you or not- Free downlaodable from the Hauptwerk website.

Classical Midi Organs sells complete ready to play Virtual Pipe organs and other things such as benches- keyboards- pedalboards- MIDI input modules and much much more

Several of the organs that I have changed- and or build can be seen on Youtube

For more information please email me at  classicalmidiorgans@gmail.com  or call 519-943-6077 for more information

Please remember that I am closed on Sundays

Some of the current items that I have for sale

3 manual (former Johannus) organ with drawknobs- presets 32 note AGO pedal board bench etc all MIDI  $ 3500  used
2 manual (former Schober ) organ with stoptabs-etc 32 note AGO pedal board bench  etc all MIDI $ 1500 used
2 keyboard stack with MIDI $ 600  new
3 keyboard stack with MIDI $ 850 new
4 keyboard stack with MIDI $ 1200 new
32 note AGO pedal board used with MIDI $ 950 without MIDI $ 750  used
Cabinet style organ 4 keyboards ( new) used  pedal board  bench all MIDI  starting at $ 3500
Many drawkob stops- stoptabs- toestuds etc
Music stands